A new compact electric crossover or SUV in the premium segment, this is the Zeekr X.
Yeah, you don’t have to, but you can use some fun features, but make no mistake, they mean
serious business because at that price point, below €50,000 for a fully packed premium
compact electric SUV or a crossover, this is pretty much unchallenged when it arrives
the market now, yeah, next to the Volvo EX30.

Let’s take a look here at the front, vertical daytime running light integration, a lot of
different angles.
They have a European design and development team.
They will have a European headquarters in Amsterdam and here in Gothenburg, Sweden,
actually, they also have their design studio next actually to, not so far away, the Volvo
headquarters and plant.
So, indeed, this European approach is what sets them apart to the other manufacturers
that are coming to Europe now.

Length, RWD vs AWD
The length is at 4.43m or 174 inches.
It’s a little bit longer, also a little bit
longer in wheelbase than the Volvo EX30, but definitely totally comparable.
There will either be a rear-wheel-drive version
with 5.6 seconds in the acceleration figure or all-wheel-drive version, that means electric
motor in the rear and in the front, then at 3.8 seconds in the acceleration figure and
that is, yeah, already performance car-alike
and remember, still keeping that very low price.
Design-wise here, you can see this is this rather spectacular black roof, so it’s kind
of like split in this contrasting way and this beige color here, you can see, is one
of actually four colors you can pick, so there’s a little bit Tesla philosophy, they
try to reduce the choices you have, but it
will be actually sufficient, I can tell you.

Wheels, 19-inch or here optional 20-inch wheels in this Spyder design dual-tone.
Battery, range and recharging
Battery size is at 69 kilowatt-hours gross, somewhat 66 kilowatt-hours net, and recharging,
that’s actually quite cool, always 22 kilowatt charging AC, DC charging at 150 kilowatt peak,
so it takes 29 minutes from 10% to 80% state of charge.
And here in the highest trim, it’s actually fun with the B-pillar, you see at the moment
it’s black, but there’s this screen integrated,
so when I open the charging lid, already appears
here, and when I put in the charging cable, it shows me the state of charge actually,
and also for the pet mode, there is a display then.

Rear and lighting signatures

And towards the rear, we have another spectacular
light signature all the way across, the Zica logo is illuminated here in the rear.
For your real eye, it looks pretty cool because it has the three-dimensional depth, on camera,
it looks a little bit weird or maybe like out of focus, but it’s actually not when you
take a real look at it.
Top speed is 190 kilometers an hour or 120 miles an hour, and it also has towing capacity
at 1.6 tons.
Turning indicator show, you can see here, it gets replaced right here, it looks quite
cool as well, of course, also at the side here underneath the outside mirrors.
In the rear, very visible in a time where more and more turning indicators in the rear
get tinier and tinier, I think this is definitely visible and also has this cascading effect.
Is there a frunk?
Yes, there is, small, but definitely fits a charging cable.
Interior: key and doors
You will have three options to open and close
the vehicle, there’s a key card, you can use
a smartphone or then here this more classic key fob, but in a more unique design, and
we can see here, when we open or close the vehicle, these flush door handles go in and
out, and when they are opened like this, then you can grab in, and there we go, door closing
sound, it’s frameless, but although it’s frameless, it has a really good door closing sound.

Look at that here, also the panel gaps, so all the European experience they have and
also from the Volvo and Polestar brand obviously pays off.
Then, inside of the doors, you have high-grade leatherette everywhere, also here with some
perforation, will also be backlit, this is a bright blue color scheme mix actually, this
will be the electric way to open and close, like open the door from the inside.
Steering and seat comfort
Their philosophy is also to go completely animal-free and sustainable in the whole interior,
and I think, well, I mean, this color scheme here, it really looks very premium, the quality
of the material, it’s really soft perforation here, cooling and heating is available, so,
yeah, the first quality impression and also the visual one is really very good.
Seating position, it’s a small vehicle, but offers decent seating comfort here also for
tall people, 189 or 6’2″, and to the panoramic glass roof, a fixed one, there’s plenty of
space left, even here to the side, covered in microfiber, this whole ceiling, and the
seat comfort, like from the material and so on, wow, I mean, if you compare it to the
Volvo EX30, this one here actually has a better
quality, better build quality impression, that’s something definitely.

Steering wheel with the manual control up and down, in and out, smooth process, and
you can see here, these 8.8-inch digital instruments, they move together with the
steering wheel, so the steering wheel then never
blocks the view to the digital instruments.
Another difference to the Volvo because here the Zeekr X does get a digital instrument
and also a head-up display, which the Volvo is not getting.
Interior cockpit overview, really clean layout, 14.6-inch screen, more this horizontal focus,
there’s ambient lighting, you can also change the color, it will also be available in this
breathing effect that has this pulsing function or music show will be according to the base
of the music, and this is all by a touch,
and here also with the temperature unit, but
there will be alternatives to that actually, so I’m going to show that.
In the Chinese market, by the way, here you can also move the screen to the right, to
the passenger, that’s not allowed in the European market.
On the steering wheel, you have two real buttons,
this is either for the volume control or you can also then switch it around and then it
becomes a temperature control and vent strength
Cockpit and user interface
and so on.
So, this is actually a good thing, and on the left side, this will then be for the adaptive
cruise control, and there we are with the digital instruments where we can increase
the vent strength once again or the temperature
at the steering wheel, I think that’s a good
compromise solution.
I like it also here on the left stock column
for the wipers that you have this structure
on the wiper for a better haptic feel.
Quick look here at the infotainment system,
you have a Tesla-alike control, and yeah, this
is definitely inspired by Tesla here on the left side, then you can set the individual
modes for driving and so on, then you also have like this menu with the vehicle, then
this is the inspired, yeah, like this Chinese-inspired
voice assistant, a little bit more playful,
and then you have this app view, you will
have Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, you get
the Yamaha 13-speaker sound system.
In the lower area, there’s a back hanger, and this also has this clicking feedback,
and 27-watt charger left, and a 60-watt charger
USB-C on the right, that’s powerful, and
there’s some space right here, a central cup
holder, you can also fold it up, but you can
also close this whole unit here, inductive
charging pad here, and then you can also fold
up the armrest, inside of the rear doors,
Rear seats
also high-grade leatherette, and even behind
it, you know, the background of it, super soft, you can really touch it and you feel
the feedback from behind, so this is really build quality we’ve usually seen like from
vehicles, like twice, triple the price or something.
Then the interior in the rear, you can see same design scheme, and look at the floor
mats, how they have this nice structure there
inside, it’s both in the front and also in
the rear, but how much space do we still have in the rear?
Let’s see this, the driver’s seat, as I would
be driving, and I can still sit underneath
it with the feet a little bit close, let’s see
here, legroom does work, and also headroom,
so this can easily house four tall adults, although it’s not a huge vehicle, also with
a stamped-in structure here, really three-dimensional
structure, you can feel at the back part of
the seat, lower part is also soft with leatherette
cover, the top part is hard, but then you
have this structure, can I also sit in the middle part?
Also possible, yeah, so it can actually house
five tall adults, the outside seats are, of
course, more comfortable, and this really soft surface here gives you a great comfort
also for the rear, so you can see seating
comfort and interior space in the front cabin
is the emphasis of this vehicle, you can also see nice luxury details like here the
harder element on the seat, but this doesn’t
disturb the comfort, and also, for example,
this little strap with the logo imprint here
where you can pull down then the cup holders,
and they’re also somewhat adaptive, also when you put them down and up again, this
resonates very well with the quality, so indeed,
from the interior build quality, I have never
seen a car this high in the quality at that price point.
Trunk / boot
Once again, this illuminated logo, it’s not
out of focus, it just looks weird on camera,
for your real eye, it looks cool, and underneath,
there is this button for the electric hatch,
let’s press it, there we go, and then the 360 liters, doesn’t sound much, it isn’t
much, but you can see here the width is a little bit less than a meter or 40 inches,
and the normal length is a little bit less than 80 centimeters or 30 inches,
you can also remove this top cover here, you
can also fold it from here, just grabbing
over, and underneath this cover, there is
some space left like this, and yeah, way more
space for some charging cables, so it is a compact vehicle, you see the dimensions in
the rear seats and so on, so the small trunk
is the only compromise, but for most use cases,
Geely’s strategy
it will still fit.
Another sister model to this one, by the way,
is the Smart #1, they all belong basically
to the Geely Corporation, the Smart is 50% Mercedes, 50% Geely, Zeekr is 100% Geely,
as well as Volvo and Polestar, and also Lotus,
what they are trying to do is they are building basically another Volkswagen Corporation with
different brands, and then use economies of scale, the same platform, and then they can
also offer all these vehicles under the certain brands at that price point.

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