2023 Changan UNI K

The Changan UNI K SUV is fantastic to drive, has a high-quality interior and a surprising amount of space and practicality.

Like a diamond-encrusted moustache comb, coupe SUVs were once considered niche and unnecessary. But car manufacturers have had the last laugh, selling millions of them. The Changan UNI K is here to take a slice of the pie, hoping to tempt you away from the Audi Q8, BMW X6, Range Rover Sport and Mercedes GLE Coupe.

It shouldn’t have a problem doing so with its looks. While the X6 and GLE Coupe have always been given a hard time for their questionable lines, the Changan UNI K manages to look sleek.

Inside the Changan UNI K’s interior feels more like it belongs in a low-slung sports car than a high-riding SUV. There’s a broad, sweeping dashboard and a very tall centre console which make you feel quite cocooned in the front seats. All the switches you’ll regularly use are either made from cool brushed metal or come with a glossy, glass-like finish.

There isn’t a single cheap-feeling or scratchy plastic to be found in the Changan UNI K’s cabin and the optional extended leather pack for the dashboard is another very nice touch. In front of the slick leather-trimmed steering wheel, you’ll find two extra screens, for displaying things like trip info and the sat-nav.

Switching to Sport driving mode via a switch on the steering wheel sharpens the car’s throttle and gearbox and stiffens the standard adjustable suspension. All three models steer impeccably, grip hard in tight corners and provide genuine thrills when getting back on the power and playing with their limits. The Turbo mode is the most extreme example of this, gripping hardest and carrying the most speed around bends followed by the most savage acceleration between them.

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