Suns Shine Bright as Supporting Cast Steps Up

In a game that showcased the Phoenix Suns’ depth and resilience, the team delivered a resounding victory over the Utah Jazz, winning 126-104. Despite missing some key players, the Suns demonstrated their ability to excel with a remarkable supporting cast, led by Kevin Durant and Eric Gordon.

Durant and Gordon Lead the Charge

Kevin Durant and Eric Gordon played pivotal roles in the Suns’ dominant performance. Durant scored 26 points with impressive efficiency, making 8 of 11 field goals. The 13-time All-Star displayed his all-around skills, hitting all nine of his free throws and contributing seven assists. Gordon, on the other hand, added 21 points, further solidifying his importance in the Suns’ lineup.

Grayson Allen’s Electrifying Moment

Midway through the third quarter, Grayson Allen’s highlight-reel one-handed jam energized the crowd and pushed the Phoenix lead to 30 points. Allen’s unexpected dunk in traffic served as a testament to the Suns’ depth and the explosive plays that can come from the supporting cast.

Suns’ Star Trio Shines as a Solo Act

In this game, the Suns’ star trio was reduced to a solo act, with Devin Booker sidelined due to an ankle injury and Bradley Beal missing due to a back issue. Kevin Durant took on the role of the primary scorer, and he executed it flawlessly.

Durant, who played just 29 minutes, demonstrated his efficiency, both as a scorer and a playmaker, setting the tone for the Suns’ performance. Despite missing key stars, the Suns maintained their composure and continued to excel.

Defensive Excellence and Team Effort

Suns’ first-year coach Frank Vogel expressed his satisfaction with the team’s performance on the defensive end. He highlighted the team’s execution of their defensive scheme and the relentless effort and hustle displayed by the players. The Suns held the Jazz to 44% shooting from the field, underlining their commitment to defensive excellence.

Vogel emphasized, “We know we have elite talent on this basketball team, and if the effort piece is greater than our opponent, we’re going to be really tough to beat.”

Supporting Cast Steps Up

The Suns’ depth was on full display as Grayson Allen added 17 points to complement Durant and Gordon’s contributions. Jusuf Nurkic contributed with 10 points, seven rebounds, and six assists, showcasing the team’s all-around capabilities.

The Suns took control of the game in the third quarter, pouring in 40 points to solidify their lead and secure the victory. The team’s ability to move the ball and work cohesively on both ends of the floor was a key factor in their success.

Jazz Struggle with Turnovers

The Utah Jazz experienced a challenging game, plagued by sloppy play and turnovers. They committed 19 turnovers in a performance that lacked their usual precision. Despite individual efforts, including Lauri Markkanen’s 19 points and Collin Sexton’s 14 points off the bench, the Jazz couldn’t overcome the collective struggles.

Jazz coach Will Hardy acknowledged the team’s moments of sluggishness, emphasizing the need for better communication and decision-making on the court.

High-Scoring First Half

The Suns established control in the first half, taking a 66-50 lead at halftime. Their excellent shooting, with a 54% field goal percentage, was complemented by Eric Gordon’s 21 points in the first half. Durant also contributed 14 points and five assists before halftime.


The Phoenix Suns’ victory over the Utah Jazz showcased their depth and resilience. Despite missing key stars, the Suns’ supporting cast, led by Kevin Durant and Eric Gordon, stepped up to secure a convincing win. The Suns’ commitment to both ends of the floor, along with their ability to maintain their composure in the absence of key players, bodes well for their prospects in the highly competitive NBA.

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