AMC To Take Bitcoin As Payment For Movie Tickets By End Of Year

Aron noted on the earnings call that the chain would support Bitcoin in all U.S. theaters for online payments of both movie tickets and concessions. The move brings together two notable investments that have made headlines throughout the year. Bitcoin, of course, is known as the leading asset behind broader crypto, and AMC – a company who’s stock was grouped with the likes of Gamestop ($GME) in Reddit’s r/WallStreetBets saga this year. AMC stock surged over 1,000% during the retail revitalization. This earnings report this week showed numbers for AMC that were better than expected, including revenues exceed analysts expectations. The firm also reported losses per share at $0.71 versus the expected $0.91. At the end of June, all of the theaters U.S. locations were open, and roughly 95% of international locations were open. The company hosted 22M guests in the second quarter of the year as well.

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