Caruso’s Buzzer-Beater Spurs Bulls to Overtime Victory

In a captivating showdown, the short-handed Chicago Bulls pulled off a stunning overtime victory, defeating the Milwaukee Bucks 120-113. Alex Caruso’s dramatic buzzer-beater at the end of regulation propelled the Bulls to an impressive win over the formidable Bucks, who were without key players Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan.

Caruso’s Clutch Moment:
With the game hanging in the balance, Alex Caruso seized the moment, taking a handoff from Nikola Vucevic and sinking a fadeaway 3-pointer over Brook Lopez. The shot swished through the net, forcing overtime and setting the stage for the Bulls’ remarkable comeback.

“I don’t think it’s that difficult because I shoot that a lot in the summer, playing open gym and then playing in August, September when we come back with the guys,” Caruso shared. “I just don’t get the opportunity to shoot a lot because usually I’m the guy taking the ball out.”

Vucevic’s Season-High Performance:
Nikola Vucevic stepped up with a season-high 29 points, playing a pivotal role in the Bulls’ unexpected triumph. Despite missing key contributors, the Bulls showcased resilience and teamwork to secure a crucial win.

“It is only one win,” Vucevic emphasized. “But it’s big for us at this point the way the season’s been going, the way we haven’t played really good basketball.”

Bulls Overcome Adversity:
Chicago, enduring a challenging stretch with just six wins in 20 games, defied the odds by overcoming a five-game losing streak. The absence of star players did not deter the Bulls as they showcased determination and tenacity against one of the NBA’s elite teams.

Antetokounmpo’s Efforts in Vain:
Giannis Antetokounmpo led the Milwaukee Bucks with 26 points and 14 rebounds, putting up a valiant effort. Despite his contributions, the Bucks fell short in overtime, unable to withstand the Bulls’ late surge.

Late Drama and Overtime Triumph:
The game witnessed a rollercoaster of emotions as the Bulls led by 12 in the fourth quarter, only to see the Bucks mount a comeback. Alex Caruso’s buzzer-beater forced overtime, and the Bulls capitalized on the opportunity. Vucevic’s dunk and Patrick Williams’ decisive dunk secured the victory for Chicago.

Balanced Offensive Display:
Despite committing 21 turnovers, the Bulls showcased a season-high 32 assists, highlighting a balanced offensive performance that has been elusive this season. Coby White added 23 points, and the Bulls demonstrated a cohesive flow on offense.

“We knew with Zach and DeMar out, there were gonna be obviously a handful of shots and minutes to go around,” Caruso explained. “We tried to just talk to each other about not trying to do it all on our own.”

The Chicago Bulls, facing adversity with key players sidelined, delivered a memorable performance to secure an overtime victory against the Milwaukee Bucks. Alex Caruso’s clutch shot, Nikola Vucevic’s season-high contribution, and the team’s resilience marked a turning point for the Bulls in their quest for success in the challenging NBA season.


  1. Q: Who hit the buzzer-beater to force overtime for the Bulls?
  • A: Alex Caruso hit a buzzer-beater at the end of regulation to force overtime for the Chicago Bulls.
  1. Q: How many points did Nikola Vucevic score in the game?
  • A: Nikola Vucevic scored a season-high 29 points for the Chicago Bulls in their victory over the Milwaukee Bucks.
  1. Q: Which key players were absent for the Bulls in this game?
  • A: The Bulls were without Zach LaVine (sore right foot) and DeMar DeRozan (sprained left ankle) in the game against the Milwaukee Bucks.
  1. Q: How did the Bulls overcome the absence of key players to secure the victory?
  • A: Despite missing key players, the Bulls showcased resilience, teamwork, and a balanced offensive performance to secure a thrilling overtime victory against the Milwaukee Bucks.

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