Daughter of the corrupt Afghan president living posh life in NYC

While women in Afghanistan are consumed with dread about the return of the Taliban’s oppressive rule, the daughter of the country’s exiled President Ashraf Ghani is living the artist life in New York City. Mariam Ghani, a 42-year-old visual artist and filmmaker, enjoys a bohemian lifestyle in her Brooklyn loft, where the contrast to harsh Taliban rule over women and girls couldn’t be more stark. The Post caught up to her Tuesday, days after her dad abandoned the country to the Taliban and his citizens to the extremist militant group’s control. She refused to answer questions from a reporter outside her apartment, located in a luxury co-op building on a quiet, leafy block of Clinton Hill, near buzzy restaurants and the Pratt Institute. Her embattled Afghan-leader dad snuck out of the presidential palace Sunday with his inner circle of confidantes, and, according to the Russian embassy in Kabul, fled with four vehicles and a helicopter full of cash. His destination wasn’t immediately revealed, though some reports have suggested he bolted to a neighboring country, like Uzbekistan or Tajikistan.

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