Easyjet to cancels 1,700 flights from July to September

Easyjet has confirmed it has cancelled 1,700 flights as people prepare to travel on their summer holidays.

The airline has axed flights during July, August and September, travelling to and from Gatwick airport.

Easyjet blamed constrained airspace over Europe and ongoing air traffic control difficulties, which are causing regular cancellations.

It said 95% of affected passengers had been re-booked onto other flights.

Easyjet announced the decision as many schools in England and Wales prepare to break-up for the summer holidays.

The company said the cancellations roughly represent the equivalent of one day’s worth of flights. It will still operate about 90,000 journeys over the period.

A spokesperson said the whole airline industry was seeing “challenging conditions this summer” as the closure of Ukrainian airspace caused congestion in the skies and disrupted flights.

They also said planned strikes by air traffic controllers in Europe could have an impact.

“We have therefore made some pre-emptive adjustments to our programme consolidating a small number of flights at Gatwick, where we have multiple daily frequencies, in order to help mitigate these external challenges on the day of travel for our customers,” the spokesperson said.

“Customers whose flights are affected are being informed, with 95% customers being rebooked onto an alternative flight and all customers provided with the option to rebook or receive a refund.”

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