“Echoes of Empire” is an epic, sci-fi and strategy game by Gala Games

Echoes of Empire by Gala Games is an epic, 4X sci-fi strategy game steeped in mystery, intrigue and a thousand years of Royal rule. Factions warring against one another on a galactic scale, setting the stage for an upstart hero (you the player) and your meteoric ascent to power! You will recruit Heroes and Knights to your banner, while building, upgrading, and owning a fleet of starships all in an effort to bring glory to your house and control to your sector of the galaxy. Go solo or join up in massive guilds to mine or fight over resource laden star systems. Once your coffers are flush with riches and resources, muster and master all aspects of your Command Station where you can upgrade warships, craft new weapons, and repair and refit your fleets. Player ownership of in-game assets is a core mechanic, and you will have the ability to own major sectors of the galactic system and the resources that go along with it.

echoes of empire gala games

The release date for the game is Q2, 2022.

With the amount of hype that they have already generated for Echoes of Empire, I feel pretty confident the vote will succeed. Also, 4x strategy games of any kind are rare in the blockchain spaces. Adding Echoes of Empire to the Gala collection seems like an obvious choice.

Gala Games uses a distributed ownership voting system to decide whether or not new games join their ecosystem. Anyone can purchase a node license and run the software to become part of the infrastructure. Node owners receive regular airdrops as rewards and also have a direct say in which games they wish to support.

Echoes of Empire is a futuristic space MMO where humankind has expanded beyond our solar system and established colonies and bases throughout the galaxy. The Emperor died, and the galaxy thrown into turmoil. Players take the part of an aristocratic family and work to build up their empire. Starting with a small space station, players pledge their allegiance to a faction and try to leave their mark upon the galaxy.

Aside from the usual exploration and building of spaceships, players will also claim land and expand their influence. They can even claim Royal Peerage and announce their intent to rule over a section of space!

As of now, it’s unclear which parts of the game will exist as NFTs, though player ownership is mentioned as an important part of the game.

What is Gala Games?

Gala Games is a blockchain gaming developer. While Town Star is the only game in their stable that’s live, they have many more in development including Mirandus, Echoes of Empire, and SpiderTank. They make some of the games in-house, others through third party developers. Gala Games functions as a publisher, developer, and blockchain gaming ecosystem.

After starting its life on the Ethereum mainnet, Gala has begun their expansion into a multi-chain environment. They have built a distributed node network and also plan on releasing their own network. Anyone with the money to spare and the willingness to run the software can purchase a node and earn rewards for helping to maintain the system.

At the center of the current ecosystem lies Gala Games’ own GALA token. Gamers earn this token by competing in weekly competitions for the free-to-play farming game, Town Star. Registering is free, playing is free, and every week players can earn GALA tokens. These tokens can’t be used inside game worlds, but players can use them to obtain NFTs.

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