Fast X: A frenetic blunderbuss and calamitous filmmaking from director Louis Leterrier

Fast & Furious 10, officially titled Fast X, is set to be the last chapter in the series, bringing the adventures of Vin Diesel’s Dominic Torreto to a close. With the film’s release drawing nearer, we’re starting to get a good idea of what the movie is all about. So here’s everything we know so far about Fast X, including updates on everything from release dates and trailers to the cast, filming details, characters, and plot information.
Fast X may be the final story of the franchise but it won’t be done with just one movie. The film is going to be split into two parts. As per the latest news, the second part of this story, titled Fast X Part 2, is set to debut in theaters in 2025, with a concrete release date still pending

“Part of the reason why Fast 10 has to be broken into two different movies is because there’s so much ground to cover. There are so many places and so many locations in the world that we have to visit,” Vin Diesel said during a press event for F9.

So call them Fast X and Fast XI or Fast & Furious 10.1 and 10.2. Either way, this story isn’t going to be done just yet.

The first part of Fast X is currently scheduled to be released on May 19, 2023. The previous movie, F9, had one of the most successful theatrical runs of the pandemic period, so it stands to reason that we’ll be seeing the upcoming film in theaters unless something really drastic happens.

Fast X was originally scheduled to arrive in April 2021 but was postponed after F9 ran into a series of delays. It was then set for release on April 7, 2023, but has since been delayed again.
Set to a remixed version of The Notorious B.I.G’s “Notorious Thugs,” the official trailer for Fast X was released on February 10, 2023, ahead of Super Bowl LVII, and it’s appropriately as big, bombastic, and bloated as the franchise itself. The nearly 4-minute long trailer introduces fans to several new characters, including Jason Momoa’s villainous Dante, who happens to be the son of Hernan Reyes, the drug kingpin that Dom and his family faced off against in Fast Five. The trailer also introduces fans to Academy Award Winner and Hollywood legend Rita Moreno as Dom and Mia’s Abuelita Toretto and Academy Award Winner Brie Larson as Tess, who is presumably a new member of Dom’s family. The trailer also revealed that John Cena’s Jakob Toretto, who was the main villain in the previous entry, will now be working alongside his formerly estranged brother Dom. A shortened version of the trailer was also released during Super Bowl LVII.

The cavalry arrives in the second full trailer for Fast X. The end of the road begins as Dante attempts to take on the family. Momoa shows off his charisma as he comes face-to-face with Dom. In order to stop Dante, the crew will need to get help from a few unusual allies.

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