Gala Games announce Candy Shops

As you may have guessed, Lolli is the new character who will enter town (November 30th) with the start of the new Weekly Competition. She’s the worker of a brand new building called The Candy Shop. Read on for more details on how you can incorporate this sweetness into your town.
By now you’ve probably heard of Lolli, the blue-haired candy queen who’ll soon confectioneer her way into your hearts and towns. Look for more of her background coming up later this week, including the little story about how she decided to get into the candy business in the first place.

It’s a new building that crafts high tier sugary goods that will fetch a high price and a high Star value. This building will be accessible to everyone in the game as a standard in-game production building, but it will be costly.

We’re starting off simple with the Candy Shop, with a single craft available. In honor of the upcoming holiday season, we have chosen Candy Canes as the original Candy Shop product. Here’s what will go into each unit of Candy that is produced…
Peppermint? Yep, you read that right. With the Candy Shop, we’re not just adding a new crafted good. We’re adding a whole new crafting tree, starting with a new type of farming field.

The Peppermint Field will require 3 units of Water and 1 Wood for each unit of Peppermint produced. Lumberjacks are clumsy and they may trample the crops, so only Farmers can deliver Wood to your Peppermint Fields.

We want you to experiment with the new building on your own, so we won’t tell you everything. We will give you a few nice hints, pointers and teasers though.

Candy Canes will be stored in the Storehouse.

Candy Canes are only the first craft of the Candy shop.

Lolli may decide to bring a friend later.

Making a Candy Cane takes 4 minutes.

Selling a load of Candy Canes will bring in $340,000.

Back to Basics

As we introduce a new type of craft, we’re returning Town Star to the standard meta, reverting all changes that resulted from Elevating Energy over the last few weeks back to their original values.

Our advice is to use this time to prepare your best candy game! We wouldn’t throw an entirely new craft into the mix without some incoming plans for shaking up the game!

Good luck on all your Candy Cane builds! Lolli can’t wait to meet the people of your towns!

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