Gala Games launch Mirandus VOX

A VOX is a unique avatar with randomly generated traits. VOX are collectible ERC-721 NFTs. Each VOX is programmatically generated and provably unique, meaning that no two VOX will look the same. VOX has been built to function within the Gala Games ecosystem, and we are big fans of interoperability. Because they are non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain, VOX can be traded on secondary markets like OpenSea.

There will usually be opportunities to purchase VOX from other collectors on these markets, but secondary market prices and values are completely unpredictable. When paired with its matching exemplar, Mirandus VOX extend the innate abilities of your exemplar. Think of Mirandus VOX as small but powerful lucky “charms” that give you a boost while playing the game. Non-humanoid creature VOX give your exemplar a bonus when fighting, looting or defending against that specific creature. VOX are built to live on the Ethereum blockchain as ERC-721 collectibles, which can be held in an Ethereum compatible wallet such as Metamask.

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