Gala Games with more than 1.3M active users

The decentralized Gala Games ecosystem aspires to blow the doors wide open and give players back the control they deserve. Through decentralization, players not only own their in-games items, but they have a voice in how the Gala Games roadmap develops. Players and node owners will be enlisted, via distributed voting mechanisms, to help determine what games should be added to the platform or what should be funded by the decentralized Gala Games ecosystem.
Gala is a token in the gaming and NFT space.
It’s used on Gala Games which is a platform created in 2019 by one of the co-founders of Zynga, an $8billion gaming company.
Gala is used as the medium of exchange between people who are playing.

The tokens can be used to pay for items within the game.

John Vasquez, known as Coach JV, is a crypto expert and founder of 3T Warrior Academy who told Ocean Media: “Gala has a great foundation.

“Gala gives their players true ownership of their in-game items and they do this with the use of NFTs.”

Some of the popular games on the network include Town Star, Spider Tanks, Mirandus and Fortified.

Gala price predictions
The Gala token began trading in September 2020.

Gala has risen by 133.57% this week, according to Coinbase.

Coach JV said: “My 3T Warrior Academy research team and I are super bullish on Gala.

“The gaming industry is roughly a $175billion industry and is one of the largest media categories by revenue.”

Meanwhile, Wallet Investor expects the cryptocurrency to hit $10 in one year’s time and $200 in five years.

And Price Prediction Net estimates Gala will reach an average value of $10 in 2022, $50 in 2025 and $200 in 2027.

These price predictions are far from guaranteed though, so you should take them with a pinch of salt.

We’ve also revealed price predictions for other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Shiba Inu, dYdX, and EOS.

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