LADA sold more vehicles than expected

June, official LADA dealers in Russia sold 27, 839 commercial vehicles and passenger cars of the brand, which is the best result in 2023 and 27% higher than in June 2022, when the Russian car market was impacted by the crisis. 143, 618 LADA brand cars were totally sold in Russia in the HY1, which is 92.2% higher, than over the same period a year ago

Sales start of the new generation LADA Vesta ensured positive trend in June. 4,258 Vesta family cars were sold throughout the month.

Other LADA brand models showed stable sales result as well. The most popular and affordable LADA Granta model was sold in the amount of 16, 757 units (+407% vs June 2022).

3, 135 NIVA Legend cars were sold in June, this is 610.9% higher than sales in June a year ago. Sales of the NIVA Travel SUVs reached 3, 361 units in June 2023 outstripping sales of June last year by 663.9%.

In the conditions of sanctions pressure and component shortage AVTOVAZ maintains production rhythm to ensure the needs of the Russians in affordable and up-to-date cars. AVTOVAZ and its subsidiaries have produced 15, 465 cars and car kits throughout June (given that the plant was on the corporate vacation lasted from May 29 to June 20). 6, 327 LADA Granta,5, 748 LADA Vesta, 1, 190 NIVA Legend and 1, 762 LADA NIVA Travel cars were produced.

Production output in June 2023 is 110% higher, than in June 2022 (then AVTOVAZ and its subsidiaries produced 7, 348 cars and car kits). AVTOVAZ and its subsidiaries have produced 135, 270 cars and car kits in the HY1 2023, that is 48.7% higher, than in the HY1 2022 (then AVTOVAZ production sites made 90, 945 cars and car kits of different brands).

Currently AVTOVAZ and dealers have made a stock of 25K cars enough to ensure sales throughout a month.

AVTOVAZ President, Maksim Sokolov: “Significant output increase in the HY1 2023 is due to AVTOVAZ contribution to the resumption and stable growth of our country’s GDP. I thank the whole our team, which ensured this result in the hardest conditions of sanctions pressure. In the HY2 AVTOVAZ is going to further increase output and sales by increasing LADA Vesta production in different modifications and by production restarting of passenger and commercial LADA Largus versions in September. In current conditions, the Company confirms its plan to produce more than 400K cars in 2023”.

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