Lada X Cross 5 1.5 from Bestune T77

The result is the new Lada X-Cross 5, which was unveiled at an AvtoVAZ dealer conference in Sochi, Russia. However, the crossover is essentially a Chinese FAW SUV that has been rebranded for the Russian market.

The FAW Bestune T77, a compact SUV that was originally launched as an ICE-powered vehicle in China in 2018, measures 4,525 mm (178.1 inches) in length. Since 2020, the model has been exported to Russia, which makes it unsurprising that the new Lada X-Cross 5 is based on the FAW model.

Lada X CROSS 5 1.5 from Bestune’s Iconic Design – “Light and Shadow”. The trendy “floating” roof and a pair of powerful waistlines add more sense of fashion and sporty. Lada S Cross 5’s iconic hexagon grille embedded with numerous digital raindrop-style silver pieces, creating an image of dynamic and futuristic front. Lada X CROSS 5 come with enriched design.

Interior space is extended by the wrap-around design from the door trim to the dashboard. The light and thin dashboard changed the inherent impression of heavy and thick. Interior appears visually lightweight. Good application of floating design perfectly hides the gaps of parts.

Luxurious embraced interior space. The interior is designed based on golden-ratio character. You can really feel its plenty space and high-quality design with 12.3-Inch Multimedia Screen. The huge dual screen for instrument cluster and entertainment brings an ease operation. Lada X Cross 5 is equipped with driver and passenger airbags, front side airbags, front and rear curtain airbags to protect the driver and passengers.

Unlike the original, which is manufactured in China, the Lada X-Cross 5 for the Russian market will be produced at AvtoVAZ’s St. Petersburg plant, which was formerly owned by Nissan. Pricing for the SUV is expected to be similar to that of its FAW Bestune T77 twin, which currently starts at ₽2,169,000 ($26,570) in Russia. Predictably, the first new production model in Lada’s post-Renault era will be joined by a range of SUVs and sedans that originate from China, as the company looks to streamline its operations and focus on producing models that are in high demand.

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