MINI Countryman

MINI Countryman presents itself as a future-oriented brand that is leading distinctive design into the future, sets positive impulses, combines sustainability with emotions and places people at the heart of its product development. Urban mobility, sustainability, cosmopolitanism and individuality are at the focus of dialogue with visionaries and the community at numerous locations in the Munich city area. MINI Brand Hub in the MINI Pavilion on Lenbachplatz will be the “place to be” at IAA 2021. Urban mobility and sustainability are the central themes of the International Motor Show (IAA) 2021, which will be held for the first time in Munich, the headquarters of the BMW Group, where it will become a forum for lectures and discussions on the future of individual transport and living together in urban centres. MINI is enriching this dialogue at IAA Mobility 2021 with innovations and visions for locally emission-free driving fun, consistent resource conservation, individuality and emotionally powerful experiences. The motto #BIGLOVE chosen by MINI refers to both protecting the climate and the environment as well as to interpersonal contacts. In this way, taking responsibility for the natural foundations of life meets cosmopolitan and non-discriminatory cooperation in the worldwide MINI community. The MINI Countryman offers the perfect balance of practicality and spontaneity. With stacks of room on the inside, you can bring everything you need to explore the great outdoors. Choose a plug-in hybrid engine and enjoy the flexibility of electric energy for daily commutes, and traditional combustion engine power for more intrepid escapes.

If you’re looking for a MINI with big attitude, then you’ve found it. The bold, all-black MINI Countryman Shadow Edition exudes confidence. Styled in monochrome for an edgier look, this special edition doesn’t just defy convention, it defies expectation too with its outstanding legroom and spacious boot. Step this way to discover more. The MINI Countryman is built to accommodate all types of trips in the city and the country. Its back seats fold to offer extra boot space or legroom, so you can quickly and easily use the up to 1,390 litres of room to take supplies for any adventure. The MINI Countryman is the biggest car for sale in the MINI line-up. That makes it something of a contradiction to the original Mini ethos, but it has used the retro appeal of the classic car to attract SUV buyers wanting an upmarket family car with some clever packaging.

Like the MINI Hatch and Clubman estate, the Countryman is bigger and more expensive than before. It’s also more spacious inside, now proving to be a truly practical family car, while interior quality has taken a significant step up. It drives well, too – sacrificing some of the enjoyment of smaller MINIs for a grown-up and refined driving experience.

With the Countryman now available with petrol and plug-in hybrid powertrains, it’s easier than ever to recommend.

About the MINI Countryman
Thanks to its somewhat inflated dimensions, the MINI Countryman is a car that enthusiasts of the original Mini love to hate, but buyers can’t get enough of them. It may be a little at odds with the spirit of the company, but the first generation sold well all its life, and this Mk2 version continues to be popular as the crossover boom intensifies.

Launched in 2017 and refreshed again in 2020, the Countryman line-up includes a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) variant as well as petrol options, but the diesel has been axed in the light of fading consumer interest. However, as well as offering an alternative powertrain choice and the additional space of a larger body, the MINI Countryman price tags have also risen inexorably over the years. They now start from around £25,000 for the basic Cooper, rising to a substantial £38,000 for the high performance John Cooper Works (JCW).

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