Trae Young Shines in Mexico City Showdown


In a spectacular display of skill and showmanship, Trae Young led the Atlanta Hawks to a nail-biting 120-119 victory over the Orlando Magic in a regular-season NBA game held in Mexico City. Young’s 41-point performance, coupled with a decisive assist to Dejounte Murray for a game-winning 3-pointer, left the crowd of nearly 20,000 in awe. As the cheers echoed in the Arena Ciudad de Mexico, Young expressed his love for the vibrant atmosphere and advocated for more regular NBA games in this extraordinary setting.

Young’s Mexican Marvel: 41 Points and a Clutch Assist

Young’s stellar performance was the highlight of the night, scoring 33 points in the first half alone. The dynamic guard not only showcased his scoring prowess but also displayed his playmaking skills by providing the game-winning assist to Murray. Young’s impact reverberated through the crowd, earning him admiration from fans in Mexico City.

Enthusiasm for NBA Expansion in Mexico

“I love the energy of the arena tonight, the electricity. It was fun playing here,” Young expressed after the game. The infectious enthusiasm of the Mexican fans left a lasting impression on the Hawks’ star, prompting him to welcome the idea of playing more games in Mexico. Young’s openness to expanding the league to include more cities reflects the global appeal of the NBA.

Orlando’s Fight and Mexico City’s Altitude Challenge

Despite the loss, Orlando Magic’s Jalen Suggs and Paolo Banchero delivered commendable performances, scoring 21 and 17 points, respectively. The Magic, playing as the host team, experienced the fervor of the Mexican crowd. The game was not without challenges, as players felt the effects of the high altitude in Mexico City, with Young mentioning a need for a breather in the third quarter due to the altitude.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver’s Perspective

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver acknowledged the significance of growing the league, considering Mexico City as a potential candidate for expansion. The NBA G League team in Mexico City and positive feedback from former NBA players residing in the city add weight to the possibility of more regular-season games and, perhaps, future expansion.


Trae Young’s dazzling performance and the thrilling Hawks vs. Magic matchup in Mexico City have ignited a conversation about the NBA’s potential expansion in the region. Young’s enthusiasm for the vibrant Mexican fanbase echoes the league’s commitment to global outreach. As the cheers of nearly 20,000 fans reverberate through the Arena Ciudad de Mexico, the prospect of more regular NBA games in this captivating setting seems increasingly likely, marking a new chapter in the league’s international footprint.

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