Post-apocalyptic Tv series ‘Silo’ becomes the number one streaming movie

This week, we saw the Apple TV+ adaptation of the popular Silo book series land as the second-most-watched streaming show/movie on Reelgood’s chart. A week later and Silo has become the most popular streaming show/movie with Apple’s Ted Lasso close behind.

Several Apple TV+ shows have ranked in Reelgood’s top 10 list of most streamed content this spring like Ted Lasso season 3, Shrinking, and Silo.

This morning Reelgood shared its list of top 10 streaming content for May 18-24 and Silo has beat out Amazon Prime Video’s “Air” to take the number one spot.

In a ruined and toxic future, thousands live in a giant silo deep underground. After its sheriff breaks a cardinal rule and residents die mysteriously, engineer Juliette starts to uncover shocking secrets and the truth about the Silo.

In the show’s universe, the design of the silo is very particular (and, predictably, a mystery left by the enigmatic “founders” that will be untangled over the run of Silo). But these first few episodes had to sell a very specific reorienting for the audience of the realities of a world that consists entirely of one vertical building, and one showrunner Graham Yost wanted to get exactly right.

“It was incredibly arduous to build,” Yost says, crediting production designer Gavin Bocquet with coming up with the design of the silo, the first thing they “really embarked on” when making the show. “We knew that there would be some blue screen involved, and you could move blue screen in to sell it [and] dress it a certain way so it looks like a certain part of the silo. You could redress it but that takes days or weeks.

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