French Missile Downs a Plane, Sparking International Controversy

In a startling revelation, former Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato has brought to light a long-buried secret that has cast a shadow of intrigue over the events of June 27, 1980. According to Amato, in a recent interview, it was a French air force missile that accidentally brought down a passenger plane over the Mediterranean, setting off a chain of events that remains shrouded in mystery even to this day. The intended target? None other than Muammar Gaddafi, the then-Libyan leader. In this journalistic-style article, we delve into the details of this extraordinary claim, urging French President Emmanuel Macron to either confirm or deny this explosive revelation.

The Controversial Claim:
In an exclusive interview with Rome’s Repubblica daily, Giuliano Amato has called on the French government to address a dark chapter in history. He firmly believes that the tragedy of June 27, 1980, was not an accident but a result of a covert operation gone awry. Amato suggests that the French air force, possibly in collaboration with American forces, fired a missile at Muammar Gaddafi, who was returning to Tripoli from Yugoslavia. This failed attempt, tragically, claimed the lives of all 81 people on board the Italian airliner.

The Lack of Concrete Evidence:
Amato’s claim, though bold, lacks irrefutable evidence. It stands as a testament to the enigmatic nature of the incident. However, the former Prime Minister highlights a crucial detail—Italy had issued a warning to Gaddafi, advising him not to board the Libyan military plane. This raises questions about the underlying tensions and geopolitical maneuvers of that era.

Unsolved Mystery of Modern Italy:
The crash of Flight 870 remains one of Italy’s most enduring unsolved mysteries. Over the years, numerous theories have emerged, each adding a layer of complexity to the narrative. Some have posited that a bomb detonated on the plane during its flight from Bologna to Sicily. Others contend that evidence recovered from the seabed years later points to a missile strike. Radar data from the time indicates a flurry of aircraft in the vicinity during the plane’s descent.

Amato’s Perspective:
Giuliano Amato, in his interview, presents a compelling perspective on the incident. He asserts that the most credible version of events implicates the French Air Force, acting in coordination with the Americans, in a fateful collision in the evening skies of June 27. According to Amato, NATO had planned to conduct an exercise involving multiple aircraft, during which a missile was to be fired at Gaddafi.

The International Implications:
Amato’s revelation has far-reaching implications, not only for France but for the international community as a whole. It underscores the clandestine and often perilous nature of geopolitical maneuvering during that era. The incident, if proven to be true, would be a stark reminder of the lengths to which nations were willing to go in pursuit of their objectives.

The claim made by former Italian Prime Minister Giuliano Amato has resurrected a dark and enigmatic chapter in history. The downing of Flight 870 in 1980 remains a subject of intense speculation and debate. While Amato’s assertion lacks concrete evidence, it serves as a poignant reminder of the complex and often secretive world of international politics. As the world watches, the onus now falls on French President Emmanuel Macron to address this controversy and shed light on a mystery that has endured for over four decades.


  1. Is there any concrete evidence to support Giuliano Amato’s claim?
    Giuliano Amato’s claim lacks irrefutable evidence. It is based on his perspective and the warning issued to Gaddafi by Italy.
  2. What are the different theories regarding the cause of the Flight 870 crash?
    Theories range from a bomb explosion on board to a missile strike, with radar data suggesting a flurry of aircraft in the area during the plane’s descent.
  3. What are the international implications of Amato’s claim?
    Amato’s claim highlights the covert and complex nature of international politics during that era, potentially implicating not just France but the broader international community.
  4. What is the significance of the June 27, 1980, incident in modern Italy?
    The downing of Flight 870 remains one of Italy’s enduring unsolved mysteries, with Amato’s claim adding a new layer of intrigue to the story.

In an informal tone, we have explored the controversial claim made by Giuliano Amato and its potential impact on international relations and historical understanding. The enigmatic nature of the incident continues to captivate the imagination, leaving us with more questions than answers.

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