2023 Range Rover Velar P400e Facelift: Luxury Meets Efficiency

The allure of the Range Rover Velar is undeniable, with its striking appearance and luxurious aura. In this 2023 facelift review, we delve into the plug-in hybrid variant, the P400e, to uncover how it balances its captivating exterior with performance and innovation. From its aesthetic upgrades to the driving experience, we’ll provide a comprehensive look at what this new iteration brings to the table.

Aesthetics and Cabin Comfort:

At first glance, the Velar’s captivating aesthetics are enough to draw anyone’s attention. However, as we step inside the cabin of the updated model, certain design aspects raise questions. The dashboard, once seen as the epitome of modernity, now faces criticism for its stark layout. The minimalist approach, influenced by the brand’s ‘reductive’ design philosophy, manifests in the absence of physical switches beyond essential controls. While this approach aligns with modern trends, it might have compromised usability to an extent. The allure of the Velar’s exterior design continues inside, but the balance between aesthetics and functionality is up for discussion.

2023 Range Rover Velar P400e Facelift

Driving Dynamics:

Despite design considerations, the Velar doesn’t disappoint in the driving department. It retains its reputation for offering an enjoyable driving experience, defying its SUV dimensions. The steering and chassis work harmoniously, allowing controlled cornering with a touch of roll while preserving the expected Range Rover comfort. This model’s all-weather tires ensure commendable grip, contributing to the overall driving confidence.

Refinement and Comfort:

Refinement takes center stage in the Velar P400e. The integration of Active Road Noise Cancellation elevates the cabin’s serenity by countering road and tire noise with opposing sound waves. This feature not only enhances the driving experience but also reinforces the Velar’s positioning as a serene long-distance cruiser. The low-speed ride quality further impresses, maintaining cabin tranquility and cushioning occupants from road imperfections.

2023 Range Rover Velar P400e Facelift NEWS


The 2023 facelift of the Range Rover Velar, particularly in its P400e plug-in hybrid guise, showcases the brand’s commitment to blending luxury, innovation, and performance. While the exterior updates are subtle, they align with the Velar’s distinctive design language. Inside, the ‘reductive’ approach manifests in a dashboard that might polarize opinions regarding usability. However, the driving dynamics remain engaging, and the refinement enhancements solidify its role as a comfortable companion for journeys.


Q1: What’s new in the 2023 Range Rover Velar facelift?
A: The 2023 Velar facelift brings subtle aesthetic updates, including revised grille inserts and reprofiled rear bumper. Interior changes follow a minimalist ‘reductive’ design philosophy, limiting physical switches on the dashboard.

Q2: How does the Velar P400e drive?
A: The Velar P400e maintains its reputation for a satisfying driving experience. It strikes a balance between controlled cornering, comfort, and grip, making it enjoyable to drive.

Q3: What is Active Road Noise Cancellation?
A: Active Road Noise Cancellation is a feature that counters road and tire noise by emitting sound waves from the speakers. This technology enhances cabin quietness and contributes to the Velar’s refined ambiance.

Q4: Is the Velar P400e a worthy choice in the luxury SUV segment?
A: The Velar P400e offers a blend of luxury and efficiency, making it a compelling option. However, preferences regarding interior design and usability may vary.

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