★★★☆☆”Retribution” (2023): An Angry Dad’s Race Against the Clock

In the realm of action cinema, Liam Neeson has carved a niche for himself as the quintessential “angry dad” action hero. With a track record that includes memorable roles in “Non-Stop” and “The Commuter,” Neeson’s latest outing, “Retribution” (2023), finds him once again in the midst of a high-stakes, life-or-death situation. In this journalistic exploration, we dissect the film’s stripped-down plot, its intense narrative, and the ever-engaging Liam Neeson.

A Tense Ride

“Retribution” unfolds with a plot more streamlined than its predecessors, confining its action predominantly within the tight quarters of a single vehicle. This time, the threat is a pressure-sensitive bomb cleverly planted beneath the car’s seats, a premise that might sound familiar to seasoned action enthusiasts. However, Neeson’s seasoned performance elevates the film beyond its plot’s familiarity.

Meet Matt Turner

Liam Neeson steps into the shoes of Matt Turner, a Berlin-based businessman facing a simultaneous meltdown of his domestic life and precarious international dealings. His two teenage children, Zach and Emily, constantly at odds, immerse themselves in their headphones, seemingly oblivious to their father’s struggles. His wife, Heather, contemplates divorce, creating a tumultuous backdrop for the unfolding chaos. It’s precisely when Matt receives a chilling call from an anonymous stranger that the story truly takes off.

A Deadly Game

The anonymous caller presents Matt with a chilling ultimatum – his car, with his children in the back seat, is rigged to explode unless he follows a series of convoluted and increasingly terrifying instructions. The tension mounts as Matt, and the audience, grapples with the knowledge that he is an innocent victim of a malevolent puppet master. Meanwhile, the media’s relentless scrutiny casts Matt as the desperate mastermind behind a string of bombings, putting him in the crosshairs of a relentless Europol agent.

Neeson’s Everyman on the Edge

Liam Neeson’s portrayal of Matt Turner embodies the archetype of an ordinary man pushed to the brink. In this case, Matt was already teetering on the edge before an explosive device was thrust into his life. The central mystery of who is tormenting him takes a back seat to the character study of a man on the edge of despair.

Seeking Retribution

As the pressure mounts, Matt reaches his breaking point and decides to take matters into his own hands. He seeks retribution, a cathartic moment for both the character and the audience. Ultimately, “Retribution” serves as a vehicle for viewers to witness an average man pushed to his limits and then some.


While “Retribution” may not stand as Liam Neeson’s magnum opus in the action genre, it undeniably delivers on its promise of heart-pounding thrills. As the tension rises within the confined space of a pressure-sensitive time bomb, Neeson’s performance keeps us glued to the edge of our seats. It’s a testament to his skill as an actor that even in a film with a somewhat predictable plot, he manages to make it an engaging and pulse-pounding experience. In the end, “Retribution” is a cinematic rollercoaster that reminds us why Liam Neeson continues to be a force to be reckoned with in the world of action cinema.

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