Russian Vitaly Buterin aka “Shytoshi Kusama” flooded crypto markets with extra 195 Trillions Shiba Inu coins.

Russian Vitaly Buterin aka “Shytoshi Kusama” Shiba Inu Creator flooded crypto markets with extra 195 trillions shiba inu coins. The creator of Shiba Inu claims to have “burned” half the total supply of SHIB by sending it to a wallet address controlled by Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. However this is not burning in the traditional sense as the coins are still available. At the same time he also pulled 90% of SHIB liquidity from Uniswap. Buterin’s actions caused a multi-day move that sent the SHIB token 50% lower, although it’s worth noting the token was up 3,300% over the seven days prior to the drop. Getting your hands on some SHIB tokens isn’t too difficult. It can be purchased using Uniswap, but you can also pick it up at dozens of other exchanges. Binance added the token recently, and other CEXs and DEXs have rushed to list the token as well due to its immense popularity. And while Coinbase has said it will list Dogecoin in a few weeks, there’s been no indication that exchange will include the SHIB token.

The ShibaSwap DEX is expected to revolve around the three tokens that the project is creating. That’s right, I did say three. So, there is the SHIB token that we’re already discussing, but there is also a LEASH token and there will be a BONE token.

The LEASH token is the opposite of the SHIB token in terms of tokenomics. LEASH was created with a total supply 107,647 tokens. Originally it was meant to be a rebase token with its price tied to Dogecoin, but that decision was later changed and the rebase feature was removed leaving LEASH as a regular ERC-20 token.

There is no comments from the russian creator at this time.

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