Shiba Inu Coin with massive breakthrough

Shibaverse is a Metaverse and Shibacity is it’s capital. Shibacity will have its beginning starting with the Genesis district – the most prestigious district in the whole city, situated by the sea coast.
The next districts of Shibacity will represent native platforms and products of the Shiba Inu token ecosystem: Shibarium (nautic partly immersed under water district), Shibaswap district and others. Each, one of a kind.
Shiba Academy, community online events and meetups, virtual 3D galleries with art created by users, property/pet/accessories NFT marketplace, gaming challenges – that is what will take place in Shibaverse and as our virtual world will be open to community ideas. We sincerely believe it is only the beginning.

By creating districts that correspond to the Shiba Inu Token platforms and projects such as Shibaswap, Shibarium, ShibaNet, we hope to spark further interest in the Shiba Inu community. We want to bring all the current and future holders entertainment, financial incentives and opportunities in one modern virtual captivating environment. We believe that this will allow the community to further express themselves and their interests, life, work, personality, and passions through ownership of their very own digital living spaces and other assets.

Blockchain offers a unique opportunity and levels the playing field for those who wouldn’t have had these opportunities before it existed. Now we see
teenagers playing blockchain games and financially supporting their parents in less wealthy parts of the world. We want to further increase those chances by educating younger generations in a fun and interactive way. Shiba Academy and Shiba Studio will be places where teenagers and even children will find advice, guidance, and mentorship. We love young people and want to see them succeed in a quickly changing world.

Having your Shiba Inu NFT will enable you to participate in different Shibaverse features. Among others you can participate in community events, game challenges, taking payable jobs regarding development of our metaverse. Also, if you are a parent you can take part with your child in Shiba Academy educational track.

Each Shiba Inu will be unique. It will have its own combination of appearance, skills, strengths and weaknesses. It will grow, with your engagement learn new skills and need your care.

You can own many Shibas and if you own a male and female they can reproduce NFT Shiba puppies. They will inherit their parents characteristics randomly and as time will pass they also may have offspring. The differences will make some puppies more valuable at market than others, as some may be more efficient in play2earn competitions.

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