Sir David Amess killing was terrorism, police say

Police say they are treating the killing as terrorism which is potentially motivated by Islamist extremism.
A 25-year-old man has been arrested in suspicion of murder and officers are searching two addresses in London.

Scotland Yard’s decision that the killing of Sir David Amess was an act of terrorism confirms that, on the basis of what they know so far, the killer was motivated to use violence to further their cause.

There’s no public suggestion from investigations at the moment that there is a specific additional threat to MPs – but detectives and colleagues in MI5 will be delving deeply into the life of the suspect to understand how he reached this mindset and whether this was an attack by a “lone actor” or someone who is part of a network.

Secondly, it confirms the initial conclusion that there would need to be more resources thrown at the investigation.

Behind the scenes a wider range of detectives and support staff will now have been brought into action. If officers have recovered the suspect’s mobile phone, they will now be forensically examining its contents to uncover potential evidence of mindset and planning.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Labour Leader Sir Keir Starmer join many in laying flowers at the scene.
Home Secretary Priti Patel calls Sir David “a man of the people” who died doing the job he loved.
Tributes pour in for the married father-of-five who is remembered as an animal lover with a sense of fun who tirelessly campaigned for the rights of others.Philip Grindell a former security adviser to MPs, says parliamentarians will be being contacted to review their safety arrangements and encouraged to fill the “obvious gaps”.

All MPs are offered “a full package of security” but not all take it, he says.

He says current arrangements will be reviewed “once the dust settles and we know more about the attack”.

He adds it has long been recognised that MPs are “most vulnerable” at their constituency offices adding “the challenge is communicating that with every MP”.An animal lover with a sense of fun and a tireless campaigner and supporter of many charities is how many are remembering Sir David. The 69-year-old was an MP who earned cross-party respect for the conviction he brought to his campaigns. They ranged from passionate support of Brexit to animal rights – and anything that brought Essex up in the world.
Tributes to Sir David have been made by lots of the people he worked with.

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Roger Hirst, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner for Essex has described him as a “true public servant”.

“It was a sombre moment of reflection to remember a man who worked so hard for his community, who served those he represented passionately and made a real difference for Southend,” Mr Hirst said.

“My heart goes out to his family and friends and also his constituents at this difficult time.

“As we try and come to terms with these tragic events it is important we remember the man he was and contribution he made.”

Tory veteran Sir David was married with five children.

His killing comes five-and-a-half years after Labour MP Jo Cox was killed by a far-right extremist in her Batley and Spen constituency in West Yorkshire.

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