Taliban enter Kabul as Afghan government collapses

What will happen if the Taliban take control of Kabul?

The Taliban are on the cusp of taking control of Kabul for the first time in two decades. What might happen if they do?

The militants have ruled out a transitional government. They have said they plan to declare an Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan.

A Taliban spokesman told the BBC there would be “no revenge” on Afghans and property would be safe – but it’s unclear what could happen at the airport, where foreign governments were evacuating their nationals.

The Taliban also said women would be allowed to have education, but must wear the burka.

Nato has already promised to maintain a diplomatic presence in Kabul, and is helping with the chaotic situation at the airport.

On the streets of Kabul, there are many reports of confused and fearful citizens, with some trying to flee the city.

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